Things to Remember When Putting Up Christmas Lights 

The wind is starting to feel colder and you know that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. It’s finally Christmas Season again! It’s everyone’s favorite holiday. Everybody is either giving or receiving gifts, hosting Christmas parties, and decorating their homes. It is a known fact that people just love Christmas! 


Christmas is an annual festival that Christians celebrate to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It has been a tradition to celebrate it every year and everyone has their own way of enjoying the Yuletide holiday. Some people decorate their home to their own liking. And a crowd favorite décor is having Christmas lights. These bright lights have been symbolic because the light has been served as a symbol of hope and good in the world. It adds up color to your decorations and it surely sets up the mood.  


Here are 4 things to remember when putting up Christmas lights: 


 1. Quality of Christmas Light 

You know that you have been decorating your house every year and you have been using the same old Christmas light, so you think that nothing could go wrong, right? Wrong. Like any other appliance in your home, your holiday lights also require maintenance. The usual lifespan of Christmas lights is 4 to 10 years. Also check if your Christmas lights have missing bulbs, frayed cords, and wires poking through the insulation and sockets. It’s actually best to switch to LED lights because it lasts longer and it uses less electricity.  

Having damage Christmas lights may lead to electric shock or worse, electric fire. So it’s best to change them if needed. 


2. Safe Installation 

Putting up Christmas lights may seem easy to do but if you don’t install them correctly, you can also risk your home. Make sure that when you set up these lights, it does not block anything that can lead to them tripping over the wires or it is out of reach of small kids. Also avoid plugging in multiple lights in one single extension cord as it may lead to overheating. When installing on high places, make sure that you use ladders and there is a spotter below who can hold the ladder for stability. And avoid using nails as it can puncture the wires and may result into electric shock to the person installing. Instead use light clips as it is a lot safer than nails or screws. 


3. Look for Christmas Lights with Safety Certifications 

Some Christmas lights will include safety certifications, meaning that these were manufactured to meet industry specifications. These lights are safer for your home, compared to others that does not have these certifications.  


 4. Know if it’s an Outdoor or Indoor Light 

Make sure that you use these lights according to their correct usage. There are certain lights that are only for indoor and there are also lights which are only used outdoors. Indoor lights are not insulated like the outdoor lights so it would not be able to resist any kind of moisture when used outside. If you use them wrongly, then it can be risky. 


Christmas light put up or set up can lead to different accidents if you do not know what you are doing. If you want someone who can help you with other Christmas light decorations, you can check out North Texas Christmas Light Installation and they will help you install lights both indoor and outdoor environments. Connect with them so that you can spend your holiday with bright safe lights.  

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